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A history of betting: There’s little use denying how competitive man is, and where there is a contest there’s also a person willing to place money on the outcome. Betting has a long and colourful history and extends back to man’s earliest civilizations. In these ancient times, games provided the means to gamble and people would bet on competitions like wresting and running. Horse racing helped to cement the popularity of betting but it was only with the introduction of the online gambling industry that betting online flourished. The Internet has made it exceptionally easy to place a wager and it’s a highly lucrative industry today. Sports betting remains one of the most popular types of online gambling but as long as a bookie is willing to take your wager, you can bet on anything, anywhere.

Types of bets: Betting appears to be the confusing side of american slots online, particularly to novice participants, but this is because bets differ according to the game that you’re playing. By learning a few rules and the betting tactics of your favorite casino game, you can increase your chances of success and this will ultimately result in you enjoying yourself more. At Betting Speak, we briefly look at the main types of online betting for roulette, blackjack, craps and poker. With us, you can learn about roulette’s inside and outside bets, doubling down in blackjack, the most common kind of craps bets and forced bets in poker. No discussion about gambling is complete without looking at sports and so we examine two popular forms of sports wagers: the straight bet and parlay.

Sports betting: The relationship between sport and betting is one that extends back to our earliest civilizations. Man has never been able to resist placing a wager on the outcome of an event and in those early days bets would have been made on running races, wrestling contests and gladiator competitions. Cockfighting was one of the first types of sports betting and later horse racing helped to popularize the industry.

Sports betting was commonplace in ancient Rome and Greece where it was considered an accepted form of entertainment. This was no longer the case during the Middle Ages, when many kingdoms wanted to ban it. With the introduction of TV and the Internet, sports could be viewed all around the world and this resulted in a boom in online betting. Today, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that shows little sign of abating.