UK Jackpot Winner Unknown After 93 Million Win

The person who won nearly £94 million as prize money in the famous EuroMillions jackpot is still not known on account of anonymity. The winner cashed in the £93,388.943 ticket and decided to omit going public with this astronomical prize. No additional details were available about the UK resident’s identity after he/she drew the full jackpot on Friday.

Biggest jackpot win in the UK in 2015

This humongous win is ranked 6th on the rich list of National Lottery. It is the highest win in a jackpot in the United Kingdom till now in the present year. The five primary numbers matched by the ticket were – 5, 8, 10, 11 & 37. In addition to this, the two lucky numbers picked for the draw were 7 and 9. Since May 26, the highest prize was up for a win.

According to a spokeswoman from National Lottery, in the United Kingdom, this will be the 4th win in EuropMillions jackpot this year.

Winnings in national lottery games

The country has also managed winning an average of about £34 million per week at visit raise for projects aimed to make an honest difference in communities all over the United Kingdom.

Topping this list are Chris Weir and Colin Weir (Largs, North Ayrshire). In July, 2011, they banked £161 million. This made them the highest lottery winners all across Europe. Post this, in 2012, Gillian and Adrian Bayford managed a win of £148,656,000. The two got separated the following year.

£113 million were collected by a winner in 2010. He decided to stay anonymous. In the previous year, Neil Trotter, who was earlier a car mechanic in South London, collected £107,932,603 as his prize.

Angela and Dave Dawes (Cambridgeshire) won £101,203,600, for the third time in 2011. The two had played EuroMillions only twice before.